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Share some creative time as a family and make memories that will last forever! Each Sunday workshop will include a visual art and dance component and you can choose to do one or both activities. These workshops are designed for ages 5+ and can be taken at the studio or virtually.

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This genre of music, originating in South Korea, has taken the world by storm and has gained popularity on various music charts. K-Pop Dance Covers emerged around 2011 as part of the cultural storm of Korean pop culture. K-Pop cover videos have become one of the highest forms of tribute that fans use to honor and support their favorite artists. In this workshop series, you will learn choreography from popular Korean artists, BTS and others.

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The Feldenkrais Movement Efficiency Workshops is a series of workshops using the revolutionary to Feldenkrais Method address specific anatomical and functional issues. Through easy-to-learn, slow, meditative movement, participants find more efficient movement patterns so that they can release discomfort, find more ease in their movement, and expand their range of movement. Each workshop will be two hours long and address specific anatomical and functional issues. These workshops are designed for anyone interested in moving with more efficiency, greater awareness, and less discomfort. 

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