Danceworks in the Media


2018-19 Press Coverage
Danceworks DanceLAB (Summer 2019)
Danceworks Performance Company: Carmina Burana (March 2019)
Danceworks Performance Company: Torch & Glamour – An Exploration of Love & Illusion (February 2019)
Danceworks Mad Hot Tap Competition (January 2019)
Danceworks Youth Performance Company: Fall of the Snow Fairies – A Winter Ballet (December 2018)
Danceworks Performance Company: Against the Grain – The Life & Times of Levi Fisher Ames (October 2018)
Danceworks, Inc.
2017-18 Press Coverage
Danceworks DanceLAB: Get It Out There (September 2018)
Danceworks On Tap: Tapology (August 2018)
Danceworks DanceLAB: Ignite: A Hip Hop Dance Experience (July 2018)
Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom Dance Competition (May 2018)
Danceworks Performance Company: Secrets from the Wide Sky (April 2018)
Danceworks Performance Company: Women Who Dance (March 2018)
Danceworks Mad Hot Tap Dance Competition (January 2018)
Danceworks DanceLAB (January 2018)
Danceworks Performance Company: Mad Li(m)bs (November 2017)
Danceworks, Inc.

2016-17 Press Coverage
Danceworks DanceLAB (Summer 2017)
Danceworks Performance Company: Handel’s Bestiary (June 2017)
Danceworks, Inc.
Danceworks Performance Company: Stories From A Life (March-April 2017)
Danceworks DanceLAB (January 2017)Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap Program (October 2016-May 2017)
Danceworks Performance Company: Dance In or Take Out? (November 2016)

2015-16 Press Coverage
Danceworks, Inc.
Danceworks DanceLAB (Summer 2016)Danceworks Performance Company: The Quest (May 2016)Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap Program (February-May 2016)
Danceworks Performance Company: Writing About Music/Dancing About Architecture (March 2016)Danceworks Performance Company: Footsteps, Shadows and Whispers (November 2015)

2014-15 Press Coverage
Danceworks DanceLAB (Summer 2015)Danceworks Performance Company: Fairy Queen Fantasy (June 2015)Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap Program (February-May 2015)
Danceworks Performance Company Breathe (March 2015)
Danceworks Performance Company Paleontology of a Woman (Oct-Nov 2014)
Danceworks DanceLAB (Summer 2014)

2013-14 Press Coverage
Danceworks DanceLAB (Summer 2014)Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap Program (May 2014)
Danceworks Performance Company: Plugged In
(April/May 2014)
Danceworks Performance Company & Present Music: Temptation’s Snare (March 2014)Danceworks Performance Company & MSO: Valentine Romance (February 2014)Danceworks Performance Company: Intersect (November 2013)Danceworks Performance Company: Façade (April 2013)Danceworks Performance Company: Serendipity (February 2013)

2012 Press Coverage
Danceworks Performance Company: What’s So Funny? (September/October 2012)

Danceworks, Inc. (September 2012)

Danceworks Art to Art (August 2012)

Danceworks Performance Company (August 2012)

Danceworks, Inc. (May 2012)

Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap Program (June 2012)

Danceworks Performance Company: Want or Need (April 2012)

Danceworks Performance Company: The Sequel! (January 2012)

2011 Press Coverage

Danceworks Performance Company: Maria de Buenos Aires (November 2011)

Danceworks Performance Company: Stone Soup (April 2011)

Danceworks Performance Company: Vaudeville (February 2011)

2010 Press Coverage

Danceworks Performance Company: Lying (October 2010)

Danceworks Performance Company: Lights, DPC…ACTION! (March 2010)

2009 Press Coverage

Danceworks Performance Company: The Wide Sky is Falling! (April 2009)

Danceworks and Ed Burgess: A Guy Thing (March 2009)

Danceworks Performance Company: The Bra Project (January 2009)

2008 Press Coverage

Danceworks Inc. (April 2008)

Danceworks Performance Company: Have a Seat (October 2008)

Media Inquiries

For media and press inquiries, please contact Rachel Griffin, Communications Coordinator, at 414.277.8480 x6017 or via email.