Dress Code: Adult Classes


Women: Solid-colored leotard and pink or flesh-tone tights, or close-fitting top, athletic leggings or dance pants, and ballet shoes.

Men: Solid-colored t-shirt, dance pants or tights, dance belt and ballet shoes.
Other warm up attire can be worn upon approval of instructor.



Bare feet or ballet shoes for contemporary dance. Jazz shoes or dance sneakers for jazz.
Women: Solid-colored leotard or close-fitting top, tights, leggings or close-fitting dance pants.
Men: Solid-colored t-shirt and black dance pants.

Other warm up attire can be worn upon approval of instructor.



Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and tap shoes. Pants cannot cover the feet in any way. Hard sole tap shoes are recommended for better sound quality.


Hip Hop

Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and dance sneakers/street sneakers. Sneakers must be carried in and cannot be worn directly from the street to the class. No dresses or skirts. Oversize clothing can be dangerous while dancing and should not be worn in class.


Dance Fitness

Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and socks or ballet shoes can be worn for Barre Workout. Bare feet are best for Bhangra, Pilates and African Dance Workout Classes. Dance sneakers or lightweight street sneakers required for Zumba. Tap shoes required for Tap Dance Workout.


Ballroom/Latin Styles

Comfortable street clothing can be worn and street shoes with smooth leather sole. Shoes must be carried in and cannot be worn directly from street to class.


Additional Requirements

  • Dangling jewelry of any kind should not be worn in any class.
  • All students with chin-length or longer hair should wear their hair secured neatly in a ponytail away from face.


*Adult shoes and dance apparel are available for purchase at our Water Street studio.

Questions? Contact Amy Brinkman-Sustache, Director of Education, at 414.277.8480 x6002 or via email.