DanceLAB Space Grants


The Danceworks DanceLAB continues its mission to support local artists by offering Space Grants for independent choreographers who would like to produce their own shows in the Danceworks Studio Theatre, or develop their own new work.


Performance Grant: This grant consists of a 25% discount off the total rental cost (rehearsal space, tech times, dress rehearsal, show dates and box office).  In exchange, artists will agree to hold two 90-minute classes/workshops (no pay). Danceworks will promote these workshops and expects a quality product.


Danceworks will also provide online ticket ordering capability through our website, as well as a specified number of Facebook posts. Artists will be responsible for hiring their own production personnel. Ideal applicants will have had previous work produced in a professional environment (non-educational).


If interested, please contact our Artistic Director, Christal Wagner, at 414.277.8480 or via email.