Youth Class Descriptions


Focuses on exercises, techniques, and steps of classical ballet with an emphasis on terminology and correct body alignment. Develops an aesthetic awareness of the art of classical ballet. Includes a warm-up at the barre with center floor work and combinations.


Covers the basics of ballroom dance favorites like the Fox Trot, Tango and Waltz along with Latin styles such as the Cha Cha, Salsa and Rumba.

Creative Dance

Fun and games that explore creativity and self-expression and develop dance skills that prepare students to move into other movement disciplines. Focuses on coordination, rhythm and creativity.

Dance With Me

Start your child on his or her way to a life-long love of movement and music. Includes simple movement that helps parents and caregivers increase flexibility and model healthy exercise habits. In this class children will learn to recognize body parts along with colors, directions, and counting while also learning basic rhythm. Through fun and games this class will develop motor skills and stimulate brain development.

Intro to Hip Hop

This class will teach young students basic hip hop movements while instilling rhythm and precision, preparing them for the faster pace of a hip hop technique class. Each class will include a warm up that promotes cardiovascular activity and strengthening, as well as an upbeat dance combination.

Hip Hop

A high-energy dance form using the latest music mixed with movements that are influenced by some of today’s top video choreographers. Hip Hop is a broad collection of urban street dance styles including breaking, popping, locking, turfing, jerkin and krumping and often incorporates elements of freestyling. Classes will provide a structured method of learning various styles of movement in a fun and vibrant environment. Each class will incorporate dance combinations and routines and will encourage individual expression and personal style.


Jazz dance is an exploration of style and presentation. Rooted in the rhythm of jazz music, jazz dance is a true American art form. Includes a warm-up that develops strength, flexibility, coordination, and dance techniques specific to jazz dance. Includes dynamic choreography set to popular music and encourages individual expression and development of personal style.


Designed to build coordination, strength and body awareness through a range of creative techniques. Introduces basic ballet terminology, positions, movements, and ballet class discipline.


Sharpens reflexes and improves memory skills and coordination. Establishes fundamental tap movements, vocabulary and works on basic rhythms and steps that progress into fun and lively dance combinations. Develops musicality, timing, balance and quick weight shift.

Tap & Creative Dance

Introduces basic rhythm using simple tap steps along with coordination and movement skills that encourage creativity and prepares students or other movement disciplines. This class will cultivate a love for dance in a nurturing and fun-filled environment.

Tap & Pre-Ballet

Covers the basics of ballet and tap with an emphasis on correct technique and terminology and dance class discipline.

Theatre Dance

Drawing from many dance styles, theater dance incorporates elements of acting combined with dance as it pertains to musical theatre. Classes will focus on proper technique and musicality and will include upbeat choreography from popular musicals.

Tiny Dancer

This class focuses on creativity in motion, imagination and motor skill development. Our faculty will guide students in a way that makes exploring movement and learning fun! Tiny Dancer is a great introduction to an independent class.

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