Past Seasons/Peformances

DanceLAB Teen: Conversations

Saturday, August 3 // 7:30pm
at the Danceworks Studio Theatre


This concert features original work from Danceworks Youth Performance Company Artistic Manager and Danceworks Performance Company member, Gina Laurenzi. Laurenzi will set new choreography, improvisational structures, and infuse movement created by dancers throughout to create a unique collaboration with teen artists. Concepts will be drawn from both the dancers’ own personal experiences and the moods the music evokes. DanceLAB Teen: Conversations features the music of Chicago band, Twin Talk.



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Wandering Wonderland

Ran April 6-7, 2019
at the Danceworks Studio Theatre


An absolutely average day begins for sweet Alice. Lovely weather makes for a perfect chance to take her lessons outside. She begins her homework, but before long slips into a dream-filled sleep. Her imagination carries her down the rabbit hole and into a world of endless tea parties, talking caterpillars, and a never-ending card game.

Follow Alice on her danced journey through our Wonderland. This choreographed production is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classics but takes its own twists and turns. Not everything is as it seems…


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The Fall of the Snow Fairies: A Winter Ballet

Ran December 15-16, 2018
at the Danceworks Studio Theatre


In the land of Foria, the Snow Fairies rest hidden among glimmering snow covered branches, unaware of an ancient evil lurking close by. The Dark Fairies, led by evil King Damien, seek to clip the majestic wings of the Snow Fairies to stop them from sprinkling the land with snow!

When King Damien captures all except the very youngest fairy, Bela, she is guided by the Spirit of Winter, Winter Winds, and the Ice Pixies on a great adventure across unknown lands. The brave group protects one another as they come across many creatures, and much darkness, on their mission to save the Snow Queen, Bela’s family, and the magic of Winter.


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