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Danceworks DanceLAB presents…


Saturday, August 7, 2021 | 4:30pm & 6:30pm
Sunday, August 8, 2021 | 2:30pm & 4:30pm

Location: Danceworks Parking Lot


Danceworks brings together a platter of tasty dance techniques and styles with one commonality: complexity of rhythm. From a sly swing beat to a rocking 4/4 rhythm, Danceworks Performance MKE and Danceworks On Tap will be joined by guest artists Cyenthia Vijaykumar (Kathak Indian classical dance), McNamara McCarthy School of Irish Dance, and Joshua Yang (Hip Hop) to present to you an exploration of rhythmic styles, ranging from weighted percussion via the soles of the feet to the internal rhythm explored by a soulful body. This concert features original music and performance by percussionist Paul Westfahl, and breakout flutist Jennifer Rodriguez. If we were to fit this show in the bottle, it would likely burst before you could take a sip!


Thank you to our Sponsors:

  • Premiere Concert Sponsorship by Jane Lewis and Mickey Maier
  • Artist Sponsorship by Bob Balderson
  • In-Kind Sponsorship by Ogden & Company, Inc.

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  • There will be a filmed version (in the event of rain) with a live rain date on Sunday, August 8 at 12:30pm .
  • Contact us via phone or email with any box-office questions.


Meet the Artists & Musicians

Danceworks Performance MKE

Artistic Director Christal Wagner creates a self performed solo to the percussive playing of flutist Jennifer Rodriguez. Using a base of Jazz Dance technique rooted in swing style, Christal investigates the root of the style and its deep tethering to the soulful mastered extended flute techniques. She also presents a quartet of Danceworks Performance MKE artists in collaboration with Danceworks On Tap. The groups aim to blend the stylings of tap technique and contemporary by bridging the gap between the percussive footwork of tap and internal rhythms and gestures of Contemporary. Original composition and performance by Percussionist Paul Westfahl accompanied by Flutist Jennifer Rodriguez.


Danceworks On Tap

Danceworks on Tap (DOT) strives to pay homage to traditional tap dance while also exploring ways to challenge audiences to see tap dance in a new light. By creating original work that uses tap dance to express emotion, DOT aims to bring awareness to this brilliant art form that is both music and dance.

Sound in Motion is a quartet set to Oscar Peterson’s jazz standard, Fly Me To the Moon. Layers of syncopated tap rhythms woven into this classic piece create an orchestra of joyful noise. Psychology (2018) is a duet that explores nervous tics and the general anxiety of a racing mind. Tap Attack is a high-energy, full ensemble piece set to pulsating music by Ofrin.


Aarambh Kathak Dance School / Choreographer Cyenthia Vijayakumar

Dance to the Rhythm
This Solo dance by Cyenthia Vijayakumar focuses on the Nritya / technique part of the art form. The music is set on a 16 beat rhythm cycle and explores the different aspects of music and dance.


Prayer for India’s challenging times
In Presentation by Cyenthia Vijayakumar and her students, the group aims to come together to pray for peace to prevail in earth, water, fire and air; the sun, moon, and planet; in all living beings; in body, mind and heart with Vedic chants of Bhumi Mangalam. And end it with Shanthi Pat praying for all departed souls who have had an untimely demise.

Performers: Cyenthia Vijayakumar, Manasa Hari, Varsha Varghese, Afrin Azad, Sahithi Chatradi, Shikha Singla.

Historical Context of work: In Hindu mythology, there was a demon called “Raktabija” who had a boon that whenever a drop of his blood fell on the ground, a clone of Raktabīja would be born at that spot. With this boon, he was nearly indestructible. Each time he was attacked or killed, many more Raktabija were born/spread. He had defeated all the kings & gods and was torturing the whole world. The demon now is “Corona”. It is nearly indestructible and spreading with every attempt to destroy it.

To defeat Raktabija, all the kings and gods came together and called on the Avatar of the goddess shakti “Kali”. Kali killed each of Raktabija with her sword and drank their blood. She ensured that not a single drop of blood was spilled on the floor and no new Raktabija was born.


McNamara McCarthy School of Irish Dance

One month after their return from the National Championships of Irish Dance, McNamara McCarthy dancers will be performing two soft shoe pieces. These dances will incorporate intricate footwork and athletic jumps around the floor. The dancer’s feet will move quickly while their upper bodies will remain still. They’ll perform to traditional Irish jigs and reels. Choreography and performance by the McNamara McCarthy School of Irish Dance



Joshua Yang & Dancers

Choreographed by Joshua Yang and Danced by the choreographer himself along with Jasper Sanchez and Yoshi Halmar.

Joshua Yang creates a collaborative dance project with choreographers Jasper Sanchez and Yoshi Halamar, bringing you a work of rhythm, flow, and musicality.



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