Danceworks Intergenerational Performance Company

About the Company

Danceworks Intergenerational Performance Company (DIPC), formerly 50+ Performance Workshop, is a company of community dancers with a desire to explore movement and performance. The current group is made up of participants spanning several generations and a shared passion for movement. The ensemble explores dance-making, improvisation and performance concepts led by Studio Manager and DPMKE company member, Gina Laurenzi. Dances are performed in concert collaborations with resident dance companies, Danceworks Performance MKE and Danceworks Youth Performance Company.


This performance company is by invitation only and we do not allow students to drop in to a class as we do in our other classes. If you are interested in being involved in DIPC and would like more information, please contact Artistic Director, Christal Wagner, at (414) 277-8480 or via email.

Meet the Artists of DIPC:

Judy Zoelzer Levine, DIPC Artist

Judy Zoelzer Levine started dancing in college which led to a BFA degree. She has not stopped dancing, continuing to study ballet and yoga. She has performed with Danceworks in assorted productions since 2017.




Katrina Hjelmgren, DIPC Artist

Katrina Hjelmgren has been dancing most of her life and has performed in many types of performances over the years, many of which have been with or through Danceworks. In most of these performances, Katrina has performed alongside her father, Tom Hjelmgren, including a duet they choreographed together. She has also performed at the Renaissance Faire through the Guilde of St. George (The Queen’s Court) and has been in many performances of The Nutcracker and Carmina Burana through her previous studio. She is also very interested in photography and manipulating images through photoshop.


Tom C. Hjelmgren, DIPC Artist

“Danceworks is an enchanted place. I’ve learned so much from the incredibly talented, kind, and passionate artists that teach here. I’ve also had the unparalleled pleasure of seeing my wife Janice and our two daughters study and perform here.


Dance is movement. Movement is life. As days pass these moments of momentum become more precious. The opportunity to move with these young dancers, strong and focused and seemingly immortal is a gift. An elixir that imbues us, albeit fleetingly, with that same sense of abandon. Of freedom. Of flight.” – Tom C. Hjelmgren


Mary Ann Mitchell, DIPC Artist

For five decades, Mary Ann Mitchell lived her passion as a psychotherapist using words in the art of therapy. Her only dance experience had been in the Latin dance world with her husband.
Now a community of dancers has carried her into her seventh decade. Instead of words, Mary Ann is living in an exciting community where expression and communication is through movement. Being a member of DIPC since it’s inception with Dani Kuepper has even given her the opportunity to perform.


Mary Ann would like to thank her dear dancing comrades and Dani, Kim, Christal, and Gina for leading the group on.

Jeanne M. Kollmeyer, DIPC Artist

Jeanne Kollmeyer has always had a strong desire to dance, but the opportunity wasn’t there for her. After watching a group of women perform in her daughter’s recital, she decided to start taking tap lessons. Thus, began her now 28 year dance journey.


Jeanne has been taking tap and ballet classes at Danceworks for over 10 years, and she is thrilled to be a member of the Intergenerational Performance Company. Jeanne has also assisted in the Mad Hot Rhythm program and performed in Danceworks on Tap several years ago. When she’s not dancing, she loves teaching visual arts, painting with acrylics and enjoying city life.

Bob Balderson, DIPC Artist

Bob Balderson has been taking classes at Danceworks for over 20 years. He has been in four Danceworks On Tap shows, including two solos and two duets with Lamont Johnson.


Balderson would like to thank and Christal for including our intergenerational dance company in Sonder.



Amy Rivera, DIPC Artist

Amy Rivera (she/her) has been dancing her entire life. After a long hiatus, she is so happy to be back in class and honored to be a part of Sonder.


Amy joined DIPC in the fall of 2021. She would like to thank Gina for this awesome opportunity. She also thanks her family for their love and support!