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Danceworks is a proud member of the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF). Thanks to your generous support of UPAF, Danceworks is able to share our work with the community.





Danceworks is supported in part by grants from the Milwaukee Arts Board and the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.




Danceworks, Inc. Donor Roll Call

Gifts received between 09.01.2021 to 07.31.2022

^Indicates a portion of this gift was a UPAF or United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County Donor Designated Gift

*Indicates a portion of this gift was an In-Kind Gift


Angel: $100,000+

United Performing Arts Fund


Visionary: $75,000+

Bader Philanthropies


Muse: $25,000+

The Brico Fund, LLC

Richard and Ethel Herzfeld Foundation


Benefactor: $10,000+

Mary Newton and James Sanger

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Wisconsin Arts Board

Martin Family Foundation


Producer: $5,000+

Melitta S. and Joan M. Pick Charitable Trust

Julia Uihlein

MKE County CARES for Arts & Culture Grant | Milwaukee County Cultural Artistic & Musical Programming Advisory Council


Nonprofit Management Fund

STRAATEC Security Corporation

Milwaukee Arts Board


Artistic Director: $2,500+

Anonymous Donors

Jane Lewis & Mickey Maier

Kristin Bergstrom and Lloyd Dickinson

Dorothy Inbusch Foundation, Inc.

The Nelson Grandchildren

Julia Gray and Jon Lange

Green Bay Packer Foundation

Charles D. Jacobus Family Foundation

Bob Balderson

Rebecca Renee Winnie


Choreographer: $1,000+

Anonymous Donors

Jason and Tracey Gessner

Tim and Sue Frautschi

Thomas and Karen Watson

Rick and Kate Krueger

Amy & Dennis Connolly

Frank and Marina Krejci

Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors Youth Foundation

Heil Family Foundation

We Energies Foundation

Lindsay Olson

David and Margarete Harvey


Guest Artist: $500+

Patricia Kiefer

Keith Knox

Chris and Anne Noyes

Chad and Renee Griswold

Donald and Donna Baumgartner

Mario and Cathy Costantini

Joan & Fred Brengel Family Foundation, Inc

Pam Kriger Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

The Lindvall Family

Julieane Cook

Dani and Ryan Kuepper


Hannah & Jason Jahn

Benjamin P. Teich

Jason Wendt

Paul Jansen

Jeff & Terry McClellan

Rogers Behavioral Health

Jason Gessner

Bronze Optical

Sandy Duffy

James Green & Susan Kraeblen

Pamela H. Frautschi

Patrick J O’Day

Stephanie Wesselowski


Soloist: $250+

James Sustache

Barbara Palmisano

Tony & Andrea Bryant

Linda & Mark Carlson

Bob & Sue Kinosian

Amy Brinkman and Gregg Sustache

Chris & Angela Batterman

Trinity Irish Dance Company

Mary Guy-Franke

Elaine & Don Harvey

Janis S. Chastant

Cast: $150+

Anonymous Donors

Mary and Fran Wasielewski

Inger Wilkerson & John Merline

William Bradley and Jill Anna Ponasik

Susan Armour Family Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

Polly Morris

John & Judy Worm

Gerri G. Olson

Laura P. DeGolier

Emily Quirk

Gregory Borowski


Friend up to $149

Anonymous Donors

Mary Griffith

Debrasha Greye Rogers

Carol and David Laurenzi

Mod Pfingsten

Jessica Fastabend

Melinda Nolde

Maggie Suminski

Jeanne M Kollmeyer

Rachel Griffin

Rock Zimmerman

Carol and Jim Ross

Steven & Lynda Seer

Alison Griffin

Karen Kobrick

Dori Steigman

Susanne Carter of Carter Productions

Melissa Pacheco

Molly Pribek

Jackie Willis

Mary Rynders and Greg Horbachevsky

Lisa and Chris Wenzler

Julia Dorf

Richard McCullough

Dana McCullough

Dianne Dziengel

Michael and Kathy Mooney

Brenna McGee

Alex Ng and Carol Julin

Linda Stewart

Tamara Sivertson

Holly Gamblin

Kathleen Osvat

Virginia Schrag

Bernie Erenberger, D.C.

Patricia Marchant

Natalie Lloyd-Jones

Jana Hoyer

Robert Hirschi

Reed and Nancy Groethe

Jason & Jennifer Gantzer

Carmen & Paul Pine

Kanchana Srinivasan

Hiromi Sato (Kim)

Mr. Herbert B. Zein & Ms. Elizabeth K. Levins

Janine Arseneau

Kristine Szatmary

Del & Kim Wilson

Christine Klim

Lynn & Jim Connolly

Ann Cornell & Peter White

Jennifer Poedel

Robert & Lana Wiese

Jon & Kim Johnson-Rockafellow

AmazonSmile Foundation

United Way of Greater Milwaukee

Denise & Jerry Sedmak

George Affeldt

Holly & Brian Ganther

Kim Terrell

Mary Lou DeFino

The Bredeson Family

Elizabeth Krakau

Dana-Marie Grennier

Eli Gaedtke

David Laurenzi

Ronald Meidenbauer

Tim Hunter

Ryan Cappleman

The Quandt Family

Christal Wagner

Katelyn Altmann

Gail A Schemberger

Sarah Stauder MD

Savannah Garner-Peregoy

Ziggy Rae

Leah Suhaysik

Brittany Garner

Lisa Schobert

Jennifer Zimmerli

Tony Garner

Kate Negri

We gratefully acknowledge our funders from September 1, 2021 through July 31, 2022. Our apologies to any individual or organization that was inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed.

Please email or call Development Manager, Julia Dorf at (414) 277-8480 with any corrections or to make a pledge to Danceworks. Your support keeps Milwaukee moving!