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Some of you may know Jolie as one of the welcoming faces at the Danceworks front desk or maybe as an art instructor for our youth camps and workshops. For this #WhyDanceWednesday, Jolie shares with us the reasons she began dancing, and how the art has allowed her to build connections and community. Keep on reading for more! ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡โฃ
"For me, the reason why I danced was because I enjoyed worship dancing for God. I was a part of my church dance ministry for 17 years. I loved learning movement vocabulary with which I could story tell and express my joy, gratitude, love and worship through movement. The pleasure it brought me was why I danced.โฃ
Another reason why I dance is because it creates connections and builds community. Danceworks community dances allow me to dance with people of all ages, backgrounds and โฃexperiences. It is a wonderful feeling to dance among and learn from those I admire. Lastly, the new virtual classesโ€™ traverse distance and allow me to take classes with my sister and sister-in-law who both live in different states. I get a huge emotional kick out of dancing with my family. And that is why I dance." -Jolie Collins, Artist & DW's Office Administratorโฃ
๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ Share with us why you #dance in the comment section below! โฃ
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All Kids Deserve an Arts Education

Posted on by Deborah Wenzler Farris


My path crosses with artists every day who are dedicated to helping students have a successful experience in the classroom. Danceworks teaching artist–actress, singer, dancer–Haley Haupt has been covering some territory lately.


Haley with MPS student


When Haley stopped by Danceworks to pick up her teaching schedule, I found out she had just returned from teaching for MPS–Mumbai Public Schools! That was great to hear because we happened to have a School Day Off Workshop coming up with a theme on India. Haley paid our students a visit.


Haley sharing stories about India with Danceworks School Day Off students


You can imagine the fun as our students learned about students from “MPS” in another part of the world. They also experienced some traditional Indian attire.



Haley takes her ability to connect with young people into our MPS (Milwaukee Public Schools) where she is currently an assistant in Danceworks Mad Hot.


Haley assisting a Mad Hot student


It takes patience, persistence and perseverance to be a good teacher and makes all the difference in a student’s life. All students deserve a well-rounded, healthy, creative education.


Sometimes a student needs special encouragement


We know that many students have difficulty focusing. If there is anyone who empathizes with kids who can’t sit still, it’s dancers.


Students begin to connect to classmates they wouldn’t otherwise, they gain confidence, and those who didn’t participate in class discussions previously often begin to raise their hands.


Kids are kids, wherever they are.


Dance provides foundational classroom team-building opportunities across the world. Kids are kids.



Great teachers are the world’s great gifts and a source of inspiration for far more than they will ever realize. Their impact goes on and on and on. Thank you Haley, for all your inspiration from Milwaukee to Mumbai!


And YOU can come experience some great teaching and a taste of India right here at Danceworks. Discover how fun a Bollywood dance class is, Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:15 through April 25!


Thanks for the visit! Hope to see you soon–

Deb Farris


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