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Let’s raise the level of laughter and love!

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Let’s raise the level of laughter and love! Does that sound corny? I don’t care. We need more laughter and love in our relationships, in our work situations, and (wouldn’t you agree?) in the world. We want you to hold Danceworks accountable for doing our part. Let’s start at the opening night of Mad Li(m)bs on Saturday, November 11th. If you don’t laugh, we’ll give you your money back. If you don’t feel the love, find someone to hug!


Supporter Cathy Costantini lighting up the room.


Did you know that this is Danceworks 25th Anniversary? It is, so I’d like to make a special acknowledgement of thanks to our co-founders Mary Newton and Polly Morris—the two responsible for bringing me around 15 years ago, and without whom none of us would be here. Bigger hearts and better laughs are tough to find. Thank you from all of us, Mary and Polly!


More on that theme…how about this Mad Li(m)bs collaboration with Andrea Moser and Jason Powell being sponsored by Jane Lewis and Mickey Maier?! AND they graciously hosted the opening night reception! (Jane and Mickey, you’re awesome.) I rarely see Jane without a huge smile on her face. Even though I stand behind her in Barre Workout, you know how it goes—when someone is full of cheer, their whole being radiates. Like Jane. (Mickey, you’re nice too.) Thank you, and thanks to all of you who, along with Jane and Mickey, celebrated the Company’s 21st Birthday party at Blu on October 17th. Did you love our Dazzy Blu cocktail? And the blueberries made it antioxidant healthy!


Jane and Mickey with Danceworks Artistic Director Dani Kuepper at Blu


You don’t usually think of accountants as fun-loving (no offense) but our new Board Chair, Rick Krueger, is at the head of the class in this category (fun-loving accountant), not to mention his crazy awesome ability to pound out charts, graphs and PowerPoint presentations, complete with ROIs, percentage variances, and comparisons, all in pretty colors, with his eyes closed. He has been making me smile for double the number of years of our average Mad Hot student. Danceworks took a giant step forward the day he came on (the) board. We welcome you in this new role, Rick!


Rick Krueger with his son Henry and Danceworks Board Member Kristin Bergstrom


Laughter come in all shapes and sizes—some people honk, some shake in silence then blast, others (like my mother) twitter, then there are the chucklers, the wheezers, and the belly-shaking hoot-and-hollerers. Our immediate past board chair, Debbie Gonzalez, is a giggler who sends bright sparks to the rafters. She stepped up to lead Danceworks through a board development year that also took us to a higher level with fastidious charm, inspiring the best in all those around her. Debbie has a heart of gold that will light up any room. Thank you for your awesome service, Debbie. We love you!


Board Member Debbie Gonzalez with Danceworks Registrar Jolie Collins


And we love all of you! Really, we do. Danceworks is about family—sticking it out through thick and thin—about community and moving ourselves and those around us to a higher level of joy, health and creativity. You can’t fake that. Believe me, I know.


So hold us accountable, and let’s work together to raise the level of laughter and love in Milwaukee, starting right now. What do ya’ say? Is that a deal…?

—Deb Farris

Are you ready to laugh? It’s not too late to get your tickets to Mad Li(m)bs, the first performance of Danceworks Performance Company’s 21st season. Click here for more information.

(Featured Image: Board Member Anthony Jones and Dani Kuepper)

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