Consider a Gift in Support of Danceworks

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We’ve been honored to spread joy, health and creativity across the community for 29 years now. Every day we connect with our communities both near and far through dance, feeling grateful for every opportunity we have to continue to move through these challenging years together. When we have needed you most, you have shown up in little and big ways so that we can keep showing up for you. Thank you.


We are grateful to celebrate the strength and resolve of our community of dancers, students, artists, teachers, donors, volunteers, staff and audience members that make up Danceworks. Whether you have taken a class, applauded at a show, volunteered your time or made a donation, YOU have made it possible for us to continue our mission and keep the dance going over the years.


We have so much to be grateful for as we near the end of 2021. With incredible support from our funders and partners, we have been able to continue our youth and adult studio and virtual classes, outreach programs like Generations and Mad Hot Rhythm, and performances, embracing the changes and pivots we have had to make along the way due to the ongoing pandemic. We are delighted to have grown our community through the virtual world and welcome dancers of all ages back through our doors with enhanced safety procedures this year. This is an immeasurable privilege that would not be possible without your support.


As this year comes to a close, a new year brings a new season of Mad Hot Rhythm and its safe return to 31 classrooms, Generations, Studio Classes, Performances and more! We are grateful for your unparalleled support over the years. As we move into 30 years in 2022, we humbly thank you for the past 29 and look forward to 30 more together. Whatever is getting you moving nowadays, we’re so glad you’re moving with us.

We hope you’ll join us in participating in Danceworks’ 2022 offerings in any way, shape or form!

Consider a Gift in support of Danceworks

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