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25 Years of Amy

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From the Desk of

Amy Brinkman-Sustache,

Danceworks Director of Education






Most of us know that dancing can make you healthier, but did you know that it could make you happier too? It’s true! A University of London study found that dance causes the brain to release mood-lifting neurotransmitters within brain cells, spurring the growth of new neurons and new cell connections – literally making minds more supple. With about 90 classes per week for ages spanning from 3 months to 86 years, we’ve got a lot of happy (and healthy) people at Danceworks.


Students from Summer 2018’s Tap Performance Workshop perform at Danceworks On Tap’s ‘Tapology,’ August 2018

As we begin our 26th year of connecting creativity and community through dance and the other arts, it seems like a good time to shed light on the fact that Danceworks really does have something for EVERY body. From technique classes in ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, ballroom, hip hop and several cultural dance forms; to five different dance fitness styles; to school day off workshops, family workshops and summer creative arts camps; to a program specifically for adults ages 50+; to our brand new performance workshops for students who long to dance on stage. For the last 25 years I’ve had the pleasure of planning, developing and even teaching many of these classes and programs – and I can tell you that we at Danceworks truly believe that dance is for everyone! Whether you have dreams of becoming a professional dancer or dreams of dancing for the first time as an adult because you didn’t have the opportunity when you were a child, we can help make your dream come true.


So often after an adult takes their first dance class we hear them say, “Why did I wait so long to do this?” And after a tiny dancer’s first class we hear, “Do I come back tomorrow?” It’s that kind of reaction that makes our faculty want to keep doing what they do best: sharing their love of dance and their commitment to providing the kind of class that everyone will feel comfortable in; a safe and positive place where everyone is welcome and where a workout is much easier because you’re surrounded by smiling faces. Students come to Danceworks for our professional faculty, and our faculty continues to teach for us year after year because of our wonderful students. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Amy after teaching an awesome Tap Workout class, Thursdays at 11!


Danceworks is all about opportunity: Opportunity to take a dance class no matter your age or level of experience, to work in exchange for classes as part of our work-study program, to apply for a scholarship for any of our classes or programs, to dance with your family or even alongside professional dancers. We offer an opportunity to open a new door, try something new and follow where it may lead you. Dancing isn’t just moving — it involves all of your body, heart and soul. You’re only a few (dance) steps away from a happier, healthier you!

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