Adventures in Dancemaking

Interested in learning more about choreography?

Dive into the creative dancemaking process with Gina Laurenzi, Artistic Manager of Youth Programs! Adventures in Dancemaking segments are short videos (2-5 minutes) intended as a fun peek into the creative process, where students can expect to learn more about choreography and the dancemaking process. New episodes are premiered on Danceworks’ social media channels, so stay tuned on all of our socials for more Adventures in Dancemaking!


Danceworks is committed to keeping the community at large moving through dance and dance fitness classes through our Facebook page and website. Adventures in Dancemaking classes are offered at no cost, but — for those who have the means — pay as you are able.

Virtual Class: Pay What You Will


Episode 1: Dance A Doodle

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Everyone can draw a doodle – and dance it too! Grab a pencil and paper and let the doodling begin, then step back and give it a good look. Take it in. Is it angular, curvy, whimsical, ominous, bright, ghostly…? Enjoy the details of your work and let it challenge you to move. Set the mood with your favorite tunes and let the movement of your artwork swirl you into motion.


Recommended Age: 10yrs-Adult


Check out this lesson from the Racine Art Museum that will help you create your own Ten Minute Abstract Painting to use as dancemaking inspiration, here!

Episode 2: Keeping It Cool & Clean

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Learn a fun dance inspired by…handwashing! After learning the movement from choreographer, Gina Laurenzi, we invite you to add to it and make it your own! Do what moves you!


Recommended Age: 10yrs-Adult

Episode 3: Poetry in Motion

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Poetry inspires dancemaking with meaning, sounds and rhythms. Learn Gina Laurenzi’s choreography, set to a stanza of the poem, “The Sun and Her Flowers”, by Rupi Kaur. What’s your favorite poem? Bring it to life with your own dance!⁣


Recommended Age: 10yrs-Adult


Support local bookseller, Boswell Book Company, by purchasing The Sun and Her Flowers, by Rupi Kaur, here!


Stay tuned on all of our socials for more Adventures in Dancemaking!