Camp/Workshop Policies & FAQ


Policies for School Day Off Creative Arts Workshops and Summer Creative Arts Camps:

What to Bring:
  • Camp/workshop participants are encouraged to wear a mask if they feel more comfortable doing so, however, masks are currently optional at Danceworks.

  • Danceworks requires every camp/workshop participant to submit a medical form at the time of registration. If it is not completed 48 hours before programming is scheduled to begin or is incomplete the child will need to delay the start of programming until it is completed. If you have registered with a camp or workshop in the last year please review the form and resubmit if there are any changes. This form can be accessed when submitting the camp/workshop registration.

  • Workshop/camp participants should bring a healthy lunch if they will be with us all day (9 am-4 pm or 9 am-3 pm) as well as a snack for the late morning break. Please note that refrigeration will NOT be provided for lunches, snacks, or drinks. Remember that workshops/camps are packed full of lots of physical activity so provide enough food to properly fuel your child.

  • All workshop/camp participants should bring a reusable water bottle each day of camp labeled with their name. Please do not send, soda, juice, or sports drinks.

  • Please dress your child comfortably in cool, loose, layered clothing, and also send a sweater or sweatshirt with your child each day. Children will be dancing, painting, and doing other physical activities without changing clothes. Please make sure their clothing is adaptable and suitable for getting a little messy. You may wish to provide an art smock for your child to help avoid stains on clothing.

  • Any shoes being worn by your child should be ones that they are able to put on and take off unassisted; including laces.

  • Bare feet or socks are best for dancing if your child does not have dance shoes. Students should bring ballet or jazz shoes if they have them. Dance shoes can also be purchased at Danceworks. Tap shoes will be provided for any camp or workshop that has tap dance as part of the day’s schedule.

  • Please make sure that your child’s first and last name is on all items that your child brings to a camp/workshop.


Parking and Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information:

  • Parking is not available in our lot before 5 pm on weekdays. There is limited visitor parking available in the lot to the left of the Water Street parking lot entrance, and ample parking on the street.

  • Do not drive up to the Danceworks entrance to drop your child off. Please park and walk your child into the building.

  • A parent/legal guardian (or a person authorized for pick-up) MUST sign their camper IN AND OUT at the beginning and end of each day of a camp day. A Danceworks staff person will meet you outside our front doors to collect signatures upon arrival and departure each day. Please note that all persons authorized to pick up a camper must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Drop off for a camp/workshop is 5-10 minutes before a camp/workshop is scheduled to begin.

  • Please pick up your child on time. Parents/Guardians who pick up their child later than 10 minutes after a camp/workshop has ended will be charged a late pick-up fee of $10. If a parent/guardian is 25 minutes late or more picking up their child Danceworks reserves the right to charge a $20 late pick-up fee.

Withdrawing from a Camp or Workshop:

  • Transferring camp/workshop fees from one week/date to another is possible depending on the availability of the individual week. Advance notice is required to transfer to another camp or workshop date.

  • If a student should need to withdraw from a camp and we receive notice at least three weeks prior to the start of that camp, a credit for the full amount can be issued. This credit can be used in any class or program at Danceworks and will be good for one year from the date issued unless a request to extend the credit is made.

  • Danceworks has a no-refund policy. Individual situations can be directed to Danceworks Director of Education Amy Brinkman. Please note that any refund that is approved is subject to a 15% administrative charge.


Cancellation Policy for Camps & Workshops Not Meeting Minimum Enrollment:

  • Danceworks reserves the right to cancel any camp or workshop that does not meet minimum enrollment.

  • Camp cancellations will be made at least two weeks before the camp is scheduled to begin. In the event of a camp cancellation, registered campers will have the option to move to another camp week; apply camp tuition as a credit on their account; or request a refund.

  • Credits can be used for any merchandise or programming at Danceworks.

  • Credits are good for one year from the date issued unless a request to extend the credit is made.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my child need to have prior dance experience to attend?
Unless indicated, no prior dance experience is needed. Danceworks’ teaching artists are professional educators who are experienced in creating inclusive educational environments and working with students of all levels and abilities. Each creative arts session will be age-appropriate with an emphasis on trying new things, enjoying the creative process and having fun.


How is the day structured?
Each half-day camp will include two arts disciplines with a short break in between activities. Each full-day camp or workshop will include four art disciplines with a 15-minute break around 10:30 am and a 30-minute lunch break around 12 pm.


What if my child does not want to participate in a particular activity?
All campers and workshop participants must participate in all activities. Our camps and workshops are committed to the development of the participants’ life skills through group activities and exposure to diverse experiences.


Can my child take a camp or workshop if they are not the right age?
Each camp or workshop is designed for the ages listed, and participants must be in the appropriate age range to participate.


What should my child bring each day?
Half-day campers (2-3 hours) should bring a snack and a water bottle. Full-day campers (6-7 hours) should bring lunch and a water bottle and should also pack a few snacks to have during the late morning break. If your child is in a camp that takes place during the traditional lunch hour (11:30 am – 2:30 pm) please make sure they have had lunch before arriving at camp and they should also bring a snack and water bottle to camp. All campers are welcome to bring their own art smock and dance shoes if they have them.


Will my child need special dance shoes?
Campers and workshop participants can wear ballet or jazz shoes if they have them, but they are not required. Lightweight sneakers are the best alternative. Please label all shoes with your child’s name. If your child’s camp or workshop will include tap dancing and you do not have tap shoes for him or her, shoes can be borrowed from Danceworks for the week at no charge. You can also purchase dance shoes at Danceworks. Please call our office at 414.277.8480 x6007 for more information.


How will a week-long camp end?
Each camp will end with an informal performance for friends and family at Danceworks. We hope that you will be able to join us during the last 30 minutes on the last day of your child’s camp. We encourage you to take photos and videos to share with others who could not attend.


Does Danceworks offer before and after care?
Before & After Camp Care will not be offered during this time. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please reach out to Danceworks Director of Education Amy Brinkman.

Other questions? Contact Amy Brinkman, Danceworks Director of Education, at 414.277.8480  or by email.