Board of Directors LinkedIn Profile How-To

Click each photo to enlarge if you’re having trouble finding anything!


1. Click the “Me” arrow under your photo on the LinkedIn navigation bar, then select “View Profile” under your name.



2. Click the “Add New Profile Section” button on right side of profile, then select the + symbol to the right of “Volunteer Experience.”



-OR- scroll down to your “Volunteer Experience” section and click the + symbol.



In either case, please do not list your Board service as Work Experience.



3. Under “Organization,” start typing in “Danceworks.” As you begin typing, LinkedIn will populate a drop-down menu with results:



Make sure to select “Danceworks, Inc.” with the Danceworks “D” logo to its left. If you select a different organization or use a version without the Danceworks logo, viewers of your profile will not be able to visit the Danceworks LinkedIn page by clicking it.


4. Start typing in your “Role:” Please use “Board Member.” As you begin typing, LinkedIn will again populate a drop-down menu with results:



5. Fill in the other details. Select “Arts and Culture” as Danceworks’ primary cause. Add the month and year your board service began (if you’re not sure about the month, just include the year). Check “I currently volunteer here.”




6. Under “Description,” please use the following language (feel free to copy+paste): “The mission of Danceworks, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is to enhance the joy, health and creativity of the community through performances, classes and outreach activities that integrate dance and other art forms. Danceworks contributes to Milwaukee’s cultural vitality by sparking a lifelong interest and participation in the arts.”



7. Don’t forget to click “Save“!


This is how your final product should appear:



8. If you have other Volunteer Experiences listed, you may need to click and drag Danceworks so that it is visible on your profile (typically only the top three are shown above the “Show More” button). Use the three lines under the “Edit” button (becomes a “Move” tool when you hover over them) to move your Experience with Danceworks up or down the list.



9. Next, follow the Danceworks Company Page on LinkedIn. That way you can like, comment on, and share our status updates! You can go directly to our page by following this link.



10. From there, you can also connect with other Board Members and Danceworks staff, and share status updates about happenings at Danceworks! Happy posting.

Having trouble? Contact Hannah Pardee, Communications Manager, via email or at 414.277.8480 ext. 6017.