Your charitable giving is what keeps us dancing. Thank you to our generous donors!


UPAF-Logos_Color-05-BiggerNameDanceworks is a proud member of the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF). Thanks to your generous support of UPAF, Danceworks is able to share our work with the community.


Danceworks is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.




Donor Roll Call

    Gifts received between 9.1.2017 to 12.31.2017


    Angel: $100,000+
    United Performing Arts Fund


    Visionary: $75,000+
    Richard and Ethel Herzfeld Foundation


    Star: $50,000+
    Bader Philanthropies


    Muse: $25,000+
    The Brico Fund, LLC
    Milwaukee Public School Partnership for the Arts and Humanities


    Benefactor: $10,000+
    Greater Milwaukee Foundation-George H. and Virgilee F. Krueck Fund
    Herb Kohl Philanthropies
    Mary Newton and James Sanger


    Producer: $5,000+
    The Harley-Davidson Foundation
    Milwaukee Arts Board
    Stephens Family Foundation
    Julia Uihlein
    We Energies Foundation


    Artistic Director: $2,500+
    Donald and Donna Baumgartner
    Danielle and Ramel Bly^
    Curt and Sue Culver^
    Froedtert Health
    Glen and Claire Hackmann^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Dorothy Inbusch Foundation, Inc.
    Frank and Marina Krejci^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Jane A. Lewis and Mickey Maier
    Maihaugen Foundation, Inc.
    Pieper Electric, Inc./Ideal Mechanical
    Clare Reardon^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Ed and Diane Zore^


    Choreographer: $1,000+
    Tony and Andrea Bryant^
    Ms. Julia Y. Edwards and William J. Barrett
    Lloyd Dickinson and Kristin Bergstrom^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Dennis and Amy Connolly
    Mario and Cathy Costantini^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Deborah and Todd Farris^
    Tim and Sue Frautschi
    Greater Milwaukee Foundation – Edward P. and Mary K. Bullock Fund
    David and Margarete Harvey
    Heil Family Foundation
    Peter and Sue Hitler
    John and Betsy Hoylman^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Pam Kriger Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
    Rick and Kate Krueger^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    In loving memory, Wendell W. Knox
    Martin Family Foundation/Jan and Vince Martin^
    Maxsan Foundation–Max and Sandra Dermond
    Jeff and Terry McClellan^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Lindsay Olson
    Peck Foundation Milwaukee LTD
    Ildy and Skip Poliner Fund at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation


    Guest Artist: $500+
    Candace Berg
    Joan & Fred Brengel Family Foundation, Inc
    Roxana and Justin Cook
    Karyn and Bill Elliott^
    Jason and Tracey Gessner
    Greater Milwaukee Foundation – Terry A. Hueneke Fund
    Deborah and Joe Gonzalez^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Google, Inc.
    Anthony and Lindsay Jones^
    Marcus Hotels and Resorts- Pfister Blutender
    The Perkins Charitable Foundation
    Megan and Dominic Suardini^
    Candice and Josh Wegner^
    Jason Wendt
    Kilby and Amy Williamson^


    Soloist: $250+
    George Affeldt
    Bob Balderson
    William Bradley and Jill Anna Ponasik
    Joan Brengel
    David & Helen Gilles
    Robert and Geralyn Heffron
    Ralph and Carol Kuepper
    Scott and Marjorie Moon
    Kim Johnson-Rockafellow and Jon Rockafellow^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    John and Megan Susko Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
    Elaine and Jim Sweet^
    Charles I. Trainer and Anne R. Booth

    Cast: $150+
    Laura P. DeGolier
    Stephen and Nancy Einhorn
    Bernie Erenberger, D.C.
    Judy Gertsma
    Christopher Hansen and Kathryn Behling
    Jeanne Kollmeyer^
    John and Debby Lauber
    Natalie Lloyd-Jones
    Angela Lueck
    Tom and Sharon McGivern
    Bryan and Jackie Michaels^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    John Ridley
    Scott and Beth Roedl Shully
    Lynda and Steven Seer
    James Sustache
    John and Judy Worm


    Friend up to $149
    Angela Algrim^
    AmazonSmile Foundation
    Melissa Anderson^
    Rebecca and Kevin Brandt
    Constance Brinkman
    Amy Brinkman-Sustache^
    Kathy Banzhaf
    Julie Carter
    Cecile Cheng
    Cynthia Collins^
    Jolie Collins^
    Lynn and Jim Connolly
    Pat and Phil Crump
    Gina Dragutinovich
    Teresa Drews^
    Dianne Dziengel
    Russel Evans
    Shira Fagan
    Jessica Fastabend^
    Fiona Fuerstner^
    Holly and Brian Ganther
    Annette Grefig^
    Jon and Joyce Gudeman
    Elizabeth Guerrero^
    Mary Guy-Franke
    Olivia and Hakan Hare^
    Haley Haupt^
    Dick Hawkins and Kathy DeVries
    Sarah Hernandez^
    Tom and Mary Hildebrandt
    Jana Hoyer
    Darlene Jones-Grams
    Christine Klim
    Laura Kolar^
    Posy Knight^
    Katie Krause^
    Dani and Ryan Kuepper^
    Gina Laurenzi^
    Jacqui Lefebvre^
    Anne Lehmer
    Dani Lemanczyk^
    Elizabeth Licht^
    Lynn Lucius and Richard Taylor
    Kate and John Mann
    Jane Matenaer
    Dena McPhetres
    Marlis Moldenhauer Hinman^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Kathryn Mooney
    Polly Morris
    Bob Nelson
    Carol Julin and Alex Ng
    Chris and Anne Noyes
    Geraldine Olson*
    Cathleen Ott^
    Hannah Pardee^
    Revs. Thomas and Deborah Payden
    April Pellman
    Eleanor B. Quint
    Catey Rice^
    Julia Richter^
    Jennifer Reinke^
    Debrasha Rogers^
    Carol and Jim Ross
    Mary S. ^ a portion of this gift was UPAF Donor Designated
    Virginia Schrag
    Denise and Jerry Sedmak
    Maggie Seer^
    Susan Stewart
    Daryl and Michaela Stuermer
    Gabrielle Sustache^
    Kristine Szatmary
    Debra and Michael Timm
    Tiffany Vang
    Christal Wagner^
    Lisa Wenzler^
    Jessica Wharton^
    Inger Wilkerson & John Merline
    Matthew Woida^
    Joelle Worm^
    Elias Zananiri
    Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Zastrow
    Mary-Jo Zore


    ^Indicates UPAF or United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County Donor Designated Gift
    *Indicates In-Kind Gift


    We gratefully acknowledge our funders from September 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. Our apologies to any individual or organization that was inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed. Please call Senior Director of Development, Candice Wegner at (414) 277-8480 ext. 6019 with any corrections or to make a pledge to Danceworks. Your support keeps Milwaukee moving!

    See the complete Danceworks 2016-17 Donor Roll Call here.