Summer Creative Arts Camps


Make new friends, use your imagination, create original artwork and experience the thrill of performing with Summer Creative Arts Camps at Danceworks!

Our popular Summer Creative Arts Camps for ages 2.5-12 integrate dance and visual arts, along with music, creative drama and creative writing, into one fun-filled program. Taught by experienced professionals, each week offers an age-appropriate theme that sparks imagination and creativity, with an informal performance for friends and family as the grand finale!

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Required Forms & Information for Summer Creative Arts Camps

*Please fill out all forms at least one week prior to camp’s start.

Ages 2.5 – 3.5
Over the Rainbow
June 3 – 7 |  9:30 – 11:30am

1, 2, 3! Art and dance just for ME! Join us for a week of art and dance that will be all about having fun with numbers, colors and shapes!




Twirlin’ Teddy Bears
August 12 – 16 | 9:30 – 11:30am

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear turn around! Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear touch the ground! Get moving with your favorite stuffed animal. And create beautiful artwork while your furry friend keeps you company.




Ages 3 – 4
We Can Build!
June 10 – 14 |
 9am – 12pm

What can you make with a box? Or blocks? Or in your socks? If you like building things, this camp is for you.




Gettin’ Buggy!
July 22 – 26 |  9am – 12pm

Inch your way around like caterpillar and jump like a grasshopper. Insects might bug us, but we can’t live without them. Join us for a week of buggy art, dance and more!




Little Green Thumbs
July 29 – August 2 |  9am – 12pm

How does your garden grow?  From seed to sprout, to harvest; learn about the life of a plant through dance and songs. Decorate a pot to grow your own plant and dance like a buzzing bee. This week is sure to “grow” on you and will leave you with so much knowledge to share with friends and family.




Diggin’ Dinosaurs
August 5 – 9 |  9am – 12pm

Imagine being a paleontologist and finding dinosaur bones! Join us for a week of dinosaur inspired arts! This week of dance and art-making is sure to be something you’ll DIG!




Ages 5 – 6
Furry Forest Creatures
June 17 – 21 | 9am – 4pm

Rabbits & raccoons, squirrels & skunks! Scamper into a fun week of creative arts while learning all about woodland creatures!




Plant Power
June 24 – 28 |  9am – 4pm

Plants are Earth’s superheroes. They give us food, oxygen and so much more. Learn all about how you can help reduce, reuse, and recycle and help save the planet during this week of eco-friendly dance and art making!




Wacky Gadgets and Robots
July 8 – 12 |  9am – 4pm

Let this week of creative art-making help bring out the inventor in you! Create a sculpture, a robot or some other wacky gizmo. No matter what you make, we know you’ll have a blast during this amazing week of creative discovery.




No Place Like Space
July 15 – 19  |  9am – 12pm

From the Solar System to the Milky Way, from Mars to Mercury, there’s no place like space. Be a star during this week of getting creative with the constellations.




Ages 5 – 9
Star Spangled Days
July 1 – 2 | 9am – 4pm

Oh, say can see yourself as an artist? Join us for a star spangled art adventure and learn some interesting facts about America. Registration for one day or both days is available.




Ages 7 – 8
Whirling Wizards & Wands
June 17 – 21 |  9am – 4pm

Get creative during this magic-themed week of hocus pocus fun and games. Design your own wand, create a magic trick and learn a wizard dance to show off to your friends and family!




Mythical Creatures
June 24 – 28 |  9am – 4pm

Uncover facts about the fascinating mythical and magical creatures you’ve only read about. Dragons and dwarfs, fairies and phoenixes, and other mythical creatures will be the focus of this week’s artistic adventure.




Rainforest Adventure
July 8 – 12 |  9am – 4pm

Have fun as you discover an amazing array of wildlife, and get WILD making noises like a monkey and slithering like a snake! You’ll dance your way from the forest floor to the understory and all the way to the canopy! Create, learn and more!




The 4 R’s; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and RAP!
July 15 – 19 |  9am – 4pm

Learn more about being eco-friendly with an urban flair! Write your own rap, learn some hip hop dance moves, dive into some acting and create a masterpiece from recycled materials.




A Day at the Beach
July 22 – 26 |  9am – 4pm

What’s your favorite thing to do at that the beach? Swim? Build a sand castle? Join us for a week-long beach party. Through dance and other arts activities you’ll make a splash as you use your imagination to create the feeling of a lazy day by the ocean.




Ages 9 – 12
My Place On The Planet
July 29 – August 2  |  9am – 4pm

Learn from the professional dancers of Danceworks Performance Company— explore your place on the great spinning sphere called Earth through dance and visual art.




Urban Beats
August 5 – 9 |  9am – 4pm

Bring the moves, music and creativity to life! Join us for a week of Urban Beats where you’ll learn hip hop and tap dance, how to create your own beats, graffiti art and writing poetry-jam-style poems inspired by the city you live in. Don’t miss this chance to let your voice be heard!




Art In Motion
August 12 – 16 |  9am – 4pm

Join us on an intertwined arts adventure, traveling from one form of art to another! On our path, iconic masterpieces by artists like Salvador Dali, Martha Graham, Vincent Van Gogh, Merce Cunningham and Pablo Picasso provide the jumping off point for students’ own works of art. Following art and dancemaking in the Danceworks studio, campers will have the opportunity to present their creations at Cathedral Square Market.

Sharing for family and friends:
Cathedral Square Market (520 E. Wells St.) at 10am on Saturday, August 17. (There will be no Friday sharing at Danceworks)




Camp Fees

Full-day camp before 6/1/19:
1st camp: $235/week
2nd camp: $215/week
3rd camp: $200/week

Full-day camp after 6/1/19:
1st camp: $250/week
2nd camp:$230/week
3rd camp: $215/week


Half-day camp before 6/1/19:
1st camp: $125/week
2nd camp: $110/week
3rd camp: $100/week

Half-day camp after 6/1/19:
1st camp: $140/week
2nd camp: $125/week
3rd camp: $115/week


Camp Deposit

A $25 per camp non-refundable deposit is required when registering for a camp. The deposit will be applied to the camp tuition and can be transferred to another camp week, but will not be refunded. Any balance due on camps must be paid in full before the first day of camp.


Over the Rainbow / Twirlin’ Teddy Bear Camp before 6/1/19:

1st camp: $90/week
2nd camp: $80/week

Over the Rainbow / Twirlin’ Teddy Bear Camp after 6/1/19:
1st camp: $100/week
2nd camp: $90/week


Star Spangled Days Camp:
One day: $45
Two days: $85
Registration for one day or both days is available.


Extended Care Fees

Available only for FULL-DAY camps.

Before-camp care from 8-9am: $25/week
After-camp care from 4-5pm: $25/week
Both before and after care: $40/week
Additional child: $20/week

View our Camp Policies & FAQ here.

Required Forms & Information for Summer Creative Arts Camps

*Please fill out all forms at least one week prior to camp’s start.

For inquiries or additional registration info, please call Teresa Drews, Youth Programs & Facilities Coordinator, at 414.277.8480 x6006.


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