Maintenance Classes (8/31-9/12)

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We might be in-between sessions, but that has never stopped us before! Read on for our maintenance classes (8/31-9/5), and stay moving until the start of the fall session. Fall classes begin on September 14 – registration is going on now!

Registration will close 2 hours before start of class. Space is limited; register today to reserve your spot!

Saturday, September 5:
10-:15-11:15am [Pre-recorded] Barre Workout w/ Kim (Virtual)
1:15-2:15pm Int/Adv Ballet w/ Yumelia (Virtual)


Monday, September 7:
9:30-10:30am 50+ Beg/Int Ballet w/ Melissa (In-Studio)


Tuesday, September 8:
9:15-10:15am Barre Workout w/ Kim (Virtual)
10:30-11:30am Classical Ballet Barre w/ Kim (Virtual)


Wednesday, September 9:
7-8am Barre Workout w/ Yumelia (Virtual)


Thursday, September 10:
5:45-6:45pm [Pre-recorded] Barre Workout w/ Kim (Virtual)
7-8pm Beg Hip Hop w/ Gabi (Outdoors)


Friday, September 11:
9:15-10:15am [Pre-recorded] Barre Workout w/ Kim (Virtual)


Saturday, September 12:
9-10am Beg/Int Ballet w/ Maggie (Outdoors)
10-:15-11:15am [Pre-recorded] Barre Workout w/ Kim (Virtual)
1:15-2:15pm Int/Adv Ballet w/ Yumelia (Virtual)


Register for Maintenance Classes today!


Mask Requirements:

Milwaukee City’s mask mandate, which is in effect as of July 16, requires anyone over the age of 3 to carry and use a face covering in public spaces, both inside and out. Masks have been mandatory in our studio since re-opening, even during class. For all in-studio classes, masks are required at all times. For outdoor classes, masks must be worn pre and post workout. Further details can be found here.