Vee Adams (va)

Virgillette Adams, also known as ‘Vee Adams’, is a hip hop dancer & choreographer hailing out of Milwaukee, WI. Vee has been rhythmically moving her feet to a beat since the tender age of 5, and teaching dance professionally since 2012. She is revered for interweaving her contagious energy and charisma into her work, allowing for a mirror reflection of her to not only be seen, but deeply felt within her art. Well versed in her craft, Vee has planted her feet among many stages ranging from the likes of Turner Hall to Summerfest. She has shared her talents on these stages with various artists such as Lex Allen, Naima Adedapo and RAS Movement. Vee has also choreographed for Academy of Dance Arts, UWM’s Hype dance team and other organizations throughout Wisconsin. Her most recent accolades include First Place Winner of Grammy Award Winning Artist Chaka Khan’s “Like Sugar” Contest.


Vee is extremely elated to be welcomed to the Danceworks team with open arms, and she is excited to share what she loves to do the most while teaching Intro Hip Hop. She hopes to motivate with her words, inspire with her art and uplift with her sprit every student she teaches.


View Ms. Adams’ current teaching schedule here.