Catey Ott Thompson (co)

CatieOttThompsonCatey Ott Thompson, director of Catey Ott Dance Collective since 2005, has a BFA and MFA from UWM. She resides in Milwaukee after dancing in NYC for 14 years for Soundance, Heidi Latsky, Allyson Green, Sean Curran, Bill Young, Li Chiao-Ping, Eun Jung Choi, Aviva Geismar, Chris Ferris, Carrie Ahern, and others. Catey studied ballet with Christine Wright for 14 years and has been a personal trainer, yogi, and Pilates instructor since 2000. Catey Ott Dance Collective continues to perform in both NYC and Milwaukee. She currently teaches contemporary modern, ballet, dance history, composition and choreography, and repertory as Marquette University, Milwaukee Ballet, and Danceworks, and is a guest artist at Pius XI High School.


View Ms. Ott Thompson’s current teaching schedule here.