Danceworks Mad Hot Rhythm Competition

This incredible annual celebration shows off the hard work of 4th – 6th grade students from 41 teams and 32 Milwaukee area schools, as they compete in three dance styles: Bhangra/Hip-Hop Fusion, Tap and Paso Doble. This is Danceworks Mad Hot Rhythm!

Save the Date: This year’s Mad Hot Rhythm Competition will place on Monday, April 17, 2023 at the UW-Panther Arena. More information to come.

Congratulations to our winners and to every student who participated in 2022 Danceworks Mad Hot Rhythm Competition on April 21, 2022:

 Louisa May Alcott dancing Hip Hop at the 2022 Mad Hot Rhythm Competition.

Hip Hop:
First Place – Louisa May Alcott
Second Place – Milwaukee Parkside
Third Place – Clement Avenue

First Place – Carter’s Christian Academy
Second Place – Granville
Third Place – Northwest Lumin

First Place – Story Elementary School
Second Place – MacDowell Montessori
Third Place – Fratney (Areli)

Teamwork Award– Louisa May Alcott, Ms. Erby-Walker
This class demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship through respect, encouragement, group problem solving, good communication, equal participation from all, offering support & having fun.

Most Improved Classroom Award– Hampton School, Ms. Funk & Ms. Mertins
This class demonstrated notable growth in areas of: dance technique, performance skills, confidence and respect.

School Spirit Award– Martin Luther King Jr.

Dancing With The Stars– Trowbridge, Anthony Rosero and Rachel Griffin

Couldn’t make it to the competition?

No worries! The competition can be streamed RIGHT NOW! Watch it from the comfort of your own home with the whole family! Feel free to drop a comment to cheer on your school or dancer. 

Watch the 2022 competition now!


Celebrating 17 years of Mad Hot in 2023!

Trowbridge School Representatives at the Mad Hot Rhythm 2022 Competition.

We are celebrating 17 years of Mad Hot in 2023!

17 years ago we started Mad Hot in just 3 schools. The program quickly spread, and this year the program is in 40 classrooms in 32 schools! While we weren’t able to serve quite as many schools in the 2021 year due to the pandemic, the program is thriving and we have a great bunch of dancers ready to show off their new skills! The mission and motivation of Mad Hot have always centered around the kids, and it remains the same after 17 years. Mad Hot Rhythm, formerly Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap, will culminate in a Competition at the Panther Arena in mid- April 2022.


We hope you can join us as we celebrate 17 years of Mad Hot dancing!

Danceworks Mad Hot in the Media

Danceworks Mad Hot in the Media

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  • Visit our YouTube channel to view clips of Danceworks Mad Hot in action.
  • Watch the Channel 10 Adelante segment on Danceworks Mad Hot here.
  • Follow our Facebook Page to watch live coverage of the latest Mad Hot Competition

Questions about Danceworks Mad Hot Rhythm? Contact Jessica Fastabend, Community Programs Manager, at 414.277.8480, or via email.

Photos: Jeff Zmania