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Bob Balderson
Kathy Banzhaf
Curtis and Jean Carter
Elyse and BJ Cohn
Pat and Phil Crump
Barbara and Harry Drake
Dianne Dziengel
Nina and Rich Edelman
Melissa and Eric Feldmeyer
David Flores
Ruth M. Freer In memory of Jim Havice
Natasha Posey and Mike Fricke
Laura Gottschlich
Joyce and Jon Gudeman
Kathryn Behling and Christopher Hansen
Lisa and Mick Hatch
Doris and Ed Heiser
Tom and Louise Hildebrandt
Sarah and Milton Hwang
Grace Kim
Christine Klim
Brian Mani and Marie Kohler
George Kuhagen
Lakefront Brewery, Inc.
Barbra Lasky
Maria Liesegang
Patricia and Michael Marchant
Brenna McGee
Tom and Sharon McGivern
Dena McPhetres
Martine Meyer
Bruce Thompson and Kathleen Miller
Marlis Moldenhauer (K)
Kathy and Michael Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Macy Moret
Lisa Nohl
Sue and John Northey
Kathy L. Nusslock
Eleanor Quint
Glenn and Marla Primack
Mark Witt and Mary Reilly
Greg Horbachevsky and Mary Rynders
Virginia Schrag
Jim and Chris Scotton
Denise and Jerry Sedmak
Doris Small
Kevin Stalheim
Shira Fagan and Aaron Stockham
Barbara Tabak
Lynn Lucius and Richard Taylor
Sal and Belle Tomasello
Phyllis Wax
Katie and Jason Weeks
John and Judith Worm
Dr. Ray and Mary Kay Zastrow

D: Danceworks Dancer/Instructor Sponsor
I: Danceworks Intergenerational Multi-Arts Project Sponsor
K: In-Kind Donor
M: Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap Sponsor
M*: Matching Gift
P: Danceworks Performance Sponsor

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