Individual Giving

Your charitable giving is what keeps us dancing. Thank you to our generous donors!

Benefactor: $10,000+
Tim and Sue Frautschi
Mary Newton and Dr. James Sanger

Producer: $5,000+
Cathy and Mario Costantini
Ted and Mary Kellner
Kilby and Amy Williamson
Diane and Ed Zore

Artistic Director: $2,500+
Donald and Donna Baumgartner
Danielle and Ramel Bly
Curt and Sue Culver
Glen and Claire Hackmann
Christine Harris
Frank and Marina Krejci
Vince and Jan Martin
Cheryl and Blake Moret
Skip and Ildy Poliner

Choreographer: $1,000+
Rena Auffant
Patricia Bachhuber
Trish Calvy
Dennis and Amy Connolly
Betsy and Dan Corry
Dr. Ronald and Maxine Cohn
Don and Sallie Davis
Lloyd Dickinson and Kristin Bergstrom
Barbara and Harry Drake
John and Mary Franke – Harry Franke Idea Fund
Bill Friebus and Gina Madrigrano Friebus
Jason and Tracey Gessner
Deborah and Joe Gonzalez
David and Margarete Harvey
Peter and Sue Hitler
John and Betsy Hoylman
Patricia Kiefer
Pam Kriger
Rick and Kate Krueger
Jane Lewis and Mickey Maier
Jeff and Terry McClellan
Lindsay Olson
Clare Reardon
Nancy Garrett Simpson
Pat and Paul Vogelsang
Donald and Kathleen Wilson
Joseph and Vera Zilber Family Foundation, Inc.

Guest Artist: $500+
Thomas Cunningham and Mary Ritchie
Karyn and Bill Elliott
Jason and Tracey Gessner
Max and Mary Grefig
Olivia and Hakan Hare
Robert and Geralyn Heffron
Ellen Irion
Kristine Davis Koch and Rowen Davis
Daniel and Rebecca Messenger
Scott and Marjorie Moon
Peggy Morsch and Kathryn Herson
Sue and John Northey
Nancy Beth Reiland
Dr. Joshua Smith and Lisa Quezada
Susan and Oyvind Solvang
Daryl and Michaela Stuermer
Elaine and Jim Sweet
Michael and Cathy White

Soloist: $250+
George Affeldt
Pat Bachhuber
Joan Brengel
Dennis Cannaday
Mike and Pam Carroll
Steve Costello and Lori Woodruff
Karen Costomiris
Todd and Deborah Farris
Earl Hawley
Lori Keller and Jason Weiner
Ralph and Carol Kuepper
John and Debby Lauber
Allan and Shari Luck
Diane Michaels
Joel and Donna Nettesheim
Tom and Debbie Payden
Jill Anna Ponasik and William Bradley
Donald and Kathleen Wilson
Mark Young
Kate Zavada

Cast: $150+
Janine Arseneau
Bob Balderson
Kathryn Behling and Christopher Hansen
Edith Brengel Radtke
Constance Brinkman
Sharon and Richard Canter
Stephen and Nancy Einhorn
Bernie Erenberger, D.C.
Jennifer and Tom Florsheim
Judy Gertsma
James Green
Reed and Nancy Groethe
Jon and Joyce Gudeman
Doris and Ed Heiser
Sarah and Milton Hwang
Agie Laev
David M. Lee
Paul Mathews and Colleen Fitzgerald
Tom and Sharon McGivern
Tom Metcalfe
Sunny Mitchell
Tamar Peltz
Shawn and Rene Perrin
Judy Saichek
Gilbert Southwell
John and Megan Susko
Kathy and Dean Thome
Mary and Fran Wasielewski
William Wenzler
Charles Woodward
Raymond and Mary Kay Zastrow
Sheila Zelenski

Friend: Up to $149
Doug and Karen Anderson
Karinna Beaver
Lynn and Thomas Bickle
Greg and Trudy Biehn
Jennifer Birkholz and Andy Hanf
Rebecca and Kevin Brandt
Mary E. Brooks
Barbara Brown Lee
Matthew Bruno
Betsy & Galen Carlson
Nancy Clarkin
Elyse and BJ Cohn
Lynn and Jim Connolly
Pat and Phil Crump
Laura P. DeGolier
Thallis Drake
Sandy Duffy
Dianne Dziengel
Holly Easom
Bill and Penny Elliott
Russel Evans
Barbara Faucett
David Flores
Fiona Fuerstner
Genevieve Fuss
Megan Gadient
Yumelia Garcia-McClaren
Molly Gena and Raphael Ramos
Julia Gimbel
Marijeanne Gorectke
Hannah Greenstein and Yael Steigmann
Mary Guy-Franke
Barb & Randy Guyer
James Hamer
Thomas E. Hawley
Charlette Harris
Lisa and Michael Hatch
Tom and Louise Hildebrandt
Bob Hirschi
Mary Rynders and Greg Horbachevsky
Jana Hoyer
Darryl Huennekens
Nichole Jackson
Carol Julin and Alex Ng
Natalie Lloyd-Jones
Mary and Timothy Keane
Keith Knox
Mary Kolar
Christina Lucchesi
Kate and John Mann
Patricia and Michael Marchant
Jane Matenaer
Karen Mazin
Peggy McGuire
Dena McPhetres
Bryan Michaels
Kathryn W. Mooney
Macy and Jennie Moret
Polly Morris
Matthew Northey
Chris and Anne Noyes
Marie O’Brien
Geraldine Olson
Marcia Parsons & David Tojek
Carolyn and Ralph Patitucci
Shelia Payton
Sandra Priebe
Natasha Posey and Mike Fricke
Brian and Amy Randall
Christina Ratatori
Randall & Evann Richards
Carol and Jim Ross
Linda and Edward Sasse
Ruth Schmidt
Virginia Schrag
Barbara and Bob Schuelke
Jim and Chris Scotton
Denise and Gerald Sedmak
Bill Sell
Fran Serlin
Michael Skowronek
Wendy Sleight
Doris Small
Lynne and Phil Sobczak
Kevin Stalheim
Mark and Julie Steinhafel
Maureen Steinhafel
M. Stephan
Susan Stewart
Leah Stuller
James Sustache
Jennifer Sweetland
Kristine Szatmary
Lynn Lucius and Richard Taylor
Tom and Jane Tesch
Mark Thompson
Debra and Michael Timm
Sal and Belle Tomasello
John Vaile and Lauri Krakora
Ellen and Bob Venable
Courtney Wagner
Peter White and Ann Cornell
Bruce Wiggins
Del Wilson
Richard and Bonnie Withers
Joy and David Woelfel
Julianne Yopps
Eun Young Jang
Elias Zananiri
Mary-Jo Zore

Gifts received between 1-2-2015 and 2-12-2016

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