2018 Studio Showcase

Danceworks 2018 Studio Showcase: The World in the Red Suitcase


Saturday, June 9, 2018

11am, 2pm & 5pm

at South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center

901 15th Ave.

South Milwaukee, WI 53172


Explore a hidden magical world at the Studio Showcase!




Photo: Christal Wagner

Table of Contents:

Event Date & Location

Ticket Information

Crazy Daisy & Candy Craze Bouquets

T-Shirt Preorder Information

Video & Photo Souvenirs

Volunteering at Showcase

Danceworks Raffle

Final Classes

Preparing for Showcase

Costume Lists

Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Arriving at Dress Rehearsal

Day of Showcase

Parking at SMPAC

Attendance Policies

Ticket Information


Preorder ticket sales have now closed. Tickets will be available for purchase at dress rehearsals and on the day of the showcase at South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center.



 $11 | Adults (ages 16+)

$7 | Youth (ages 6-16)

Free! | Children (ages 0-5)


*Please note that the Showcase is a ticketed event and everyone attending must purchase a ticket. 

2018 Showcase T-Shirts


Preorder t-shirt sales have now closed. A limited number of t-shirts will be available for purchase at dress rehearsals and on the day of the showcase at South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center.


Showcase T-Shirts: $12 Youth | $15 Adult


*Pre-ordered Showcase T-shirts will go home with dancers on the final day of class!




Surprise Your Dancer with a Bouquet!


Preorder bouquet sales have now closed. A limited number of bouqets will be available for purchase on the day of the showcase at South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center.


Crazy Daisy Bouquets: $6





Candy Craze Bouquets: $8




*Pre-ordered Crazy Daisy and Candy Craze Bouquets will be available for pickup on the day of Showcase.

Video & Photo Souvenirs:


KM Media will be producing our 2018 Studio Showcase DVDs. Past examples of videographer’s work can be found here. All DVD orders should be placed directly with KM Media at dress rehearsal or on the day of the show. You can download and print the order form in advance by clicking the button below.


Video Order Form



$25 for 1 DVD | $45 for 2 | $65 for 3


*DVDs must either be picked up at Danceworks (date TBA) or mailed to your address. If you would like to have the DVD mailed to your address, please add $2 for postage per DVD to the total ($27 | $49 | $71).



Christal Wagner Photography will be set up at all three dress rehearsals to capture each class posed in costume. Past examples of photographer’s work can be found here. All photo pre-orders should be submitted at or mailed directly to Danceworks with payment included (check or card only, no cash). You can download and print the order form by clicking the button below.


Photo Order Form



$16 Preorder by June 2 | $18 Order at Dress Rehearsal | $20 Order Online Post-Showcase


*All checks should be made payable to Christal Wagner Photography.

Interested in Volunteering at Showcase? We need YOU!


Adult volunteers are needed to chaperone dancers backstage during the shows and to help with concessions. All volunteers receive a free ticket to the performance of their choice!


Volunteer Shifts:





Sign Up to Volunteer!

And the Winning Number is…


Danceworks’ 2nd Annual Showcase Raffle will be up and running for the big day! Gift baskets include items from some of our favorite Milwaukee businesses including Discovery World and Summerfest, as well as local restaurants, performance companies and many more!



$5 for 10 tickets | $10 for 25 tickets


Are you or your business interested in making a donation to be included in our raffle? Email Maggie Seer!

Preparing for Showcase:



  • Dancers will have their last in-studio practice with instructor before taking their moves to the stage!
  • Dancers will receive costume pieces​ in their final class.​
  • Preordered showcase t-shirts will go home with dancers!



  • Double check the schedules for the week and dancer’s costume needs (below).
  • Please mark all belongings, including dance bag, with your dancer’s name.
  • Pack bag with costume accessories and all necessary dance shoes.
  • The stage lights can be bright and can wash out facial features. Eye shadow, blush and lipstick can be worn to help emphasized these features for the performance (optional).



Dress Rehearsals:



> Click here to view the Dress Rehearsal Schedule in a separate window.



  • Please double check your dancer’s class(es) dress rehearsal time and day.
  • If performing in only one class, arrive in costume. If performing with multiple classes, arrive in first costume.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than your assigned time to make certain you are ready to go on stage at the time listed.
  • Families should arrive and enter auditorium. Look for sign with name of instructor and be seated in their section. Please remember to enter quietly so that instructors already on stage may have the full attention of their class.
  • Each class will be on stage for a 10 minute window. Directly following stage time, your class will be escorted to photographer for a class photo session (approx. 10 mins). All dancers will be escorted from auditorium seats, to backstage, out onto stage, to photographer, and back to seats in auditorium. From seats, they are dismissed.
  • Hair, costumes and makeup should be worn just as it will be for the performance.
  • Hair and make up should be done BEFORE coming to the theatre on the day of the dress rehearsals and show. If your dancer is old enough, please bring own makeup for touch ups.

Day of Showcase:


  • Dancers should arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime.
  • Dancers should arrive in first costume and with hair and makeup completed.
  • Dancers should head into lobby where they will then be escorted by a staff member to the backstage area to find instructors.
  • Dancers will be supervised backstage by Danceworks staff and faculty and many parent volunteers.
  • Please make sure your dancer has a eaten a good meal and has used the bathroom before you drop them off on show day!
  • Dancers are encouraged to bring a water bottle (labeled with name), simple, non-messy snack and activities to keep them busy backstage such as cards or small toys. Please do not send any electronic devices or other valuable items.
  • The show will run about an hour and fifteen minutes Dancers ages 3-8 will be dismissed from the theatre immediately after the show​’s finale.​
  • It will be helpful to pack your dancer’s things in a bag such as a backpack or messenger style bag that they can wear during the finale since they will be released to their parent immediately after the finale.
  • Dancers ages 3-8 will be dismissed right from the stage immediately after the show’s finale. Dancers ages 9 and up can be picked up in the lobby hallway.

Parking at South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center:


For those with dress rehearsals on Tuesday (6/5) and/or Friday (6/8): Please park in the NW lot and enter through DOOR #9.


For those with dress rehearsals on Thursday (6/7): Due to multiple events occurring at SMPAC, all families should park on the street and walk their dancers through DOOR #8 because the lots will be full. Danceworks will provide signage.


Day of Showcase (Saturday, 6/9): Guests should park in the large NW lot and use DOOR #9 (main high school entrance). Overflow street parking is available on the West side of campus. Use DOOR #8 near 15th Ave. bus stop on the West side of campus.

Danceworks Attendance Policy:


From the Danceworks Studio Student/Parent Handbook: Students who have missed more than 20% of the session’s classes may not be allowed to participate in the annual showcase as recommended by their instructor. Any student in threat of not meeting this requirement will be notified at least one month before the show. A final decision regarding the student participating in the showcase shall be determined and communicated to the student/parent at least two weeks before the show. It is mandatory that students attend the last three weeks of class leading up to the showcase performance, as well as the dress rehearsal.

Questions? Contact Amy Brinkman-Sustache, Director of Education, at 414.277.8480 x6004 or via email.