Studio Rentals

Looking for a rental space for your upcoming rehearsal or class? We have two dance studios available to suit your needs.


Rental Policies  |  Rental Items List




Studio A Specs:


  • Studio Dimensions: 37’x 42’
  • Wall of mirrors along the south wall
  • Black Marley floor
  • Appropriate for all dance styles



Studio B Specs


  • Studio Dimensions: 35’x 36’
  • Wall of mirrors along the south wall
  • Windows along the east wall
  • Grey Time Step Percussive floor
  • Appropriate for all dance styles; ideal for tap, flamenco and other percussive dance


Studio C Specs


  • Coming soon!







Rental Rates:


Studios A & B

  • Danceworks Partner: $12/hour
  • Independent Artist: $17/hour
  • Class Rental (For Profit): $30/hour
  • Class Rental (Non-Profit Organization): $22/hour
  • Off-Hours Staffing: $14/hour


Studio C

  • Danceworks Partner: $10/hour
  • Independent Artist: $15/hour
  • Off-Hours Staffing: $14/hour


*Additional fees may apply when rental occurs outside of normal business hours.


Danceworks makes every effort to support artists and non-profit organizations; the above fees are negotiable under certain circumstances.

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For more information or to schedule a studio tour, contact Kim Johnson-Rockafellow at 414.277.8480 x6018 or via email.