The 2015-16 DPC Season

Our 2015-16 season of concerts–which featured exciting new collaborations–explored themes from the everyday to the magical!








Footsteps, Shadows and Whispers
Ran: Nov. 5-8, 2015 at Next Act Theatre
The resident dance makers of DPC and guest choreographer Dawn Springer designed works that followed mysterious pathways, lingered in shadows and whispered secrets, in collaboration with composer Allen Russell and the Tontine Ensemble. View the playbill here.


Writing About Music/Dancing About Architecture
March 3-6 at Next Act Theatre

Dance, music, language and architecture describe, inform, correlate, abstract and redefine one another in this DPC collaboration with the UWM Institute of Chamber Music.

View the playbill here.

Photography: Paul Ruffolo 

The Quest
May 12 – 15 at Next Act Theatre

Hark, all ye Appreciators of Movement, Musick and a Story well told! A collaboration with the Chant Claire Chamber Choir and Jason Powell (What’s So Funny?, Temptation’s Snare, Plugged In), this Production shall weave such familiar Fantastickal personae as the Princess, the Knight and the Dragon into a new-and quite unfamiliar-Tapestry. With a Score encompassing both canonical repertoire and newly penned Ballads, The Quest is a unique blend of the Real and the Magickal.

Photography: Paul Ruffolo 

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