Studio & Theatre Rentals


Looking for a rental space for your upcoming performance, rehearsal or class? We have two dance studios available to suit your needs–one doubles as a black box performance space.


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Studio A / Danceworks Studio Theatre


Studio Specs:

  • Studio Dimensions: 37’x 42’
  • Wall of mirrors along the south wall
  • Black Marley floor
  • Appropriate for all dance styles

Theatre Specs:

  • Theatre Dimensions: 24’ deep x 42’ wide
  • Black Masking for all windows, and black curtain (fixed) to obscure mirrors
  • Theatre seating for up to 83 people
  • Entrance onstage is from UL only
  • Entrance from the house is DL only
  • A small masking curtain may be hung DR for hiding people, props or sound system
  • Light board

Studio B


Studio Specs:

  • Studio Dimensions: 35’x 36’
  • Wall of mirrors along the west wall
  • Windows along the south wall
  • Grey Time Step Percussive floor
  • Appropriate for all dance styles; ideal for tap, flamenco and other percussive dance


Rental Rates


Studio Rental Rates

  • Danceworks Partner: $10/hour
  • Independent Artist: $15/hour
  • Class Rental (For Profit): $30/hour
  • Non-Profit Organization Class Rental: $22/hour

Full Scale Performance Rates

  • Formal Performance $300/performance
  • Technical Rehearsal $30/hour
  • Spacing/Non-technical rehearsal $10-25/hour
  • Box office set-up fee $100
  • Box office staffing fee $60/performance (includes 2 staff members)
  • Post Show Reception $50 (Includes use of one table with tablecloth and one staff person to remain on site. Renter is in charge of food, set-up, and clean-up).
  • Hourly Overtime $30/hour (after 11pm)
  • Additional Staffing $10/hour

One Night Stand: $700

  • 60-75 minute performance with minimal cueing (no intermission)
  • Facilities set up including theater seating for up to 83 patrons
  • Up to (3 hours) in the space to rehearse and tech prior to performance
  • Lighting Designer/Stage Manager
  • Box Office Coordinator and Front-of-House Coordinator for (4 hours) onsite during the event. Sales will be by cash or check only.

Informal Showing: $300

  • 60-75 minute showing (no intermission)
  • Facilities set up including theatre seating for up to 83 patrons
  • Up to (1 hour) rehearsal in the space prior to showing
  • Use of sound system and minimal lighting
  • Stage Manager
  • One Danceworks staff member to manage the house for (3 hours). This does not include Box Office; tickets are by donation only – cash and check payable to renter.

*Additional fees may apply when outside of normal business hours.


Danceworks makes every effort to support artists and non-profit organizations; the above fees are negotiable under certain circumstances.

For more information or to schedule a studio or theatre tour, contact Kim Johnson-Rockafellow at 414.277.8480 x6018 or via email.