Get Involved

Parents, teachers and principals are often the catalyst for introducing Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap to their school.

As the ones most aware of the need for a creative outlet and physical activity for their children, it’s no surprise they see the inherent value in this program. Give your school’s young people the opportunity to experience the transformative power of dance.

For more information on bringing Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap to your school, contact Posy Knight, Director of Community Programs, at 414.277.8480 x6012, or via email.

Sponsor a Mad Hot School

Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap classroom and school sponsors are attuned to the needs of young people in our community, recognizing the great impact a program like MHBT has on the growth of students’ self-esteem and motivation. Danceworks MHBT offers much more than dance instruction; it offers effective social and emotional learning for students.

For information about sponsoring an MHBT classroom or school, please contact Candice Wegner, Director of Philanthropy, at 414.277.8480 x6019 or via email.

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Make a Donation

For volunteer opportunities at the MHBT Competition, contact Maggie Seer, Community Relations Coordinator, via email.